Carved Wood Kitchen Design

Real handmade kitchen furniture is a rare thing, in fact it barely exists. The vast majority of so called handmade furniture is in fact machine produced, and unfortunately that shows. At Carved Wood everything is truly made by hand. A hand drawn knife is used to shape the door sections rather than a router. The panels are carved by hand using traditional carving chisels. Wooden hinges are all made by hand and dovetail joints are hand cut for greater strength as are tenons, relief carvings and sculpture. All are carved out of solid wood by hand and are not stuck on. The wood is hand scraped rather than sanded, resulting in a beautiful deep glow as opposed to a superficial shine. This physical effort and attention to detail gives a very personal feel to the work and sets Carved Wood apart. Design possibilities are limitless, absolutely anything is feasible from a simple design relying on beautiful wood to carry the design to outrageously curved organic carved designs. Carved wood are true specialists in bespoke handmade design.

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We have commissioned several pieces of work over the years, including a fabulous farmhouse kitchen, an exquisite dresser, and more recently a divine utility kitchen. We continue to use Carved Wood Design because of the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and the highly original unparalleled bespoke designs that are unlike anything else on the market.